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ROME - September 24, 2021
the technical data sheet of our high-current pulse generator for pyrotechnic devices, model 8601A has been updated and enriched with graphics that demonstrate its compatibility with NEA devices.Home_files/DS-165_C.pdf

As advancements in technology have allowed man to continuosly redefine, innovation trough excellence is the baseline for our company. LTG has always based its vision on the search of quality by updating its lines in keeping with all that is the state-of-the-art in commercial and aerospace engineering. Company dedicates its creative and productive resources also to the parallel and complementary activities of component testing, qualification and reverse engineering. The development of a product is carried out both in-house and in cooperation with external experts. In our design work we pay particular attention to the customer’s (own) specifications and requirements: all to achieve the product excellence. We see forward.

There is no shortcut to excellence!


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PARIS - June 20, 2011
LTG Elettronica was present at the 49eme Salon International de L’Aèronautique et de l’Espace - Le Bourget (Paris) 20-26 Juin 2011. Hall 1 G294


Transportable EGSE, used in the validation and testing of linear actuators used for different satellite developing programs.

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Last update: 20/07/2022

ROME - December 21, 2017

the contract for the supply of 2 model 8601 high-current pulse generator was assigned to us by EADS Astrium (now Airbus UK) for the development of the pyro valves assemblies, and delivered to the launch site in Guyana. Program BEPI Colombo space probe.

International Fair

Membership and Certifications

Our quality system was certified ISO9001:2008 by the DNV. Follow this link for further details.

ROME - February 28, 2020

the contract for the supply of 1 model 8601 high-current pulse generator EGSE was awarded to us by SAAB Bofors Dynamics CH.

ROME - October 27, 2017

the contract for the supply of a HIL test system for the EGSE of the MWI of Metop 2G was awarded to us by Airbus Italia.

Model 8601A high-current pulse generator, for pyrotechnics initiators and NEA devices used in the aerospace industry, and for the EEV pyro fuses testing used in the automotive industry.

Test equipment for the MWI EGSE (Metop 2G). Two modular chassis holding power supplies loads (replicating the radiometer receivers), and SBDL, TSA telemetries and termistors emulation cards.

ROME - March 5, 2014
LTG Elettronica has presented a paper in the NI Days 2014. Read More.